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Climate Change Could Displace 200 Million by 2050

A new report released by the U.N. University, CARE International and Columbia University states that climate change is already displacing people from their homes and could lead to the greatest human migration in history.  Estimates on the total number of potential migrants vary and this report cites predictions from the International Organization for Migration that 200 million people will be displaced by 2050.  Some estimates claim that as many as 700 million people could be forced to migrate due to environmental pressures caused by climate change. 




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Climate change may displace up to 200 million

By Moni Basu

June 10, 2009



A new kind of refugee is on the rise. And by 2050, there could be as many as 200 million of them.

They are not fleeing despicable acts of violence or persecution but the very land and water on which their livelihoods depend. They are some of the world's poorest, forced from their homes by global climate change.




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